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Light of the MakerEdit

Light of the Maker is a Dragon Age novel-fanfiction detailing the rise of the mage rebellion, the struggles its leader, Miryam Mottiere, must face, and the many trying alliances that needed to be made.

Set in the world of Bioware's Dragon Age, it is an action/adventure novel featuring heavy themes of grey morality, the greater good and what it costs, and the testing of friendships and romances. Many canon characters are featured in the novel as well as a great deal of original characters, most of which contributed to one of the three main games or (as in Alfstanna's case) a DLC. But the stories of the previous three games are put to a close, and many of these characters have started families and made homely lives for themselves. That they're being wrenched from their lives of comfort and thrown back into the fray is one of the main plot points of the novel.

There is a considerable degree of parallels between the protagonist, Miryam, and the holy bride Andraste. Andraste sought to end the tyranny of the mages while Miryam seeks to end the tyranny of templars and the Chantry - both results of Andraste's onslaught. Anders is an arguable parallel for Shartan, though more in the sense of an adviser and a puppeteer than an icon for the elves. It was him that set Miryam on her course, after all.


Just when she thinks her sun has set and she can finally live her life in the comfort of her palace and family, Miryam Mottiere finds herself leading a mage rebellion, heeded by the esteemed Anders. Alongside her group of trusted advisers and companions, she must scour the land in search of allies, even in the most unlikely of places. Will this mean liberation for the mages, or certain destruction for everything she has built?

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